Sunday, July 8, 2007

7/7/2007 Roman Dinner

And another menu from my series of dinners. This one was in honor of my friend Fanny being in town. She has gone to Rome more than once, and said that this was the best Italian meal she had outside of Italy (Thanks Fanny). You'll probably also notice that by this point I do have a fondness for green salads.

1. Insalata Verde

2. Primi Piatti: Bruschetta con Pomodorini Canditi

(Using a combination of roasted tomatoes with sugar and regular cold tomatoes really makes Bruschetta shine)

3. Secondi Piatti: Fettuccine con Rag├╣ alla Romana

(Recipe from Roman restaurant Fortunato al Pantheon)

4. Contorni: Zucchine in Padella con Aceto e Peperoncino

5. Dolci: I actually ran out of time so I just went to the local Bakery and Fox & Obel and bought us all chocolate tarts. In retrospect that is very Italian I suppose.

The hit of the event was the zucchini dish. The zucchini was just pan-fried in garlic-infused olive oil, then tossed with red peperoncino peppers, and then doused with balsamic vinegar. But the dish was definitely the highlight of the meal, and our plates were quickly cleared.

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